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ZARGES aluminum cases are great companions for overlanding and camping. They are light and durable, and they can withstand heat, cold, moisture, dust, impact, and even bears! Several models offer stacking corners to hold cases together securely during transport, while other offer integrated casters for easy mobility around the campsite.

The boxes are ideal for transporting electronics, cameras, drones, food & kitchen equipment, guns & hunting gear, or anything else you need on your trek. We can work with you to provide custom finishes and bespoke linings made in our Charlotte facility to provide you with the ultimate in protection.

With dozens of available sizes and countless custom options, you can be sure ZARGES has the right case for you. In addition, ZARGES offers optional UN Certification for Transport of Hazardous materials, cases with up to IP67 class protection, and several IGBC-certified bear-resistant cases.

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